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Staying healthy is a requirement of modern living. The ability to fry foods without oil needless to say is the idea of a healthy lifestyle. The VAL CUCINA Air Fryer offers a 360 degrees super-hot air circulation to fry foods without oil, to give foods desired crispy outside with a soft and tender interior finish. There is an 85% reduction of caloric intake from oil and its by-products. 

To operate the new VAL CUCINA Air Fryer is a simple affair. This air fryer/convection oven has only 2 knobs and 4 buttons to operate with all the information clearly presented on the LCD display. You can easily adjust the function, temperature and timing to suit your cooking needs. All the accessory attachments for this appliance are dishwasher safe and are easily cleaned.

So, stay with the trend of an essential lifestyle, of happiness and health! The VAL CUCINA Air Fryer will provide you with good and a leisurely life of cooking in the kitchen!


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